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Explore great deals on electronics at our large showroom. Visit our friendly staff today for quality products at the best prices around!


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Improve your viewing and listening pleasure without breaking your budget. Explore our large showroom filled with bargains on the latest electronics you'll love to have in your home. Update the look of your home easily with great prices on a new or used flat screen TV, sound system, small appliance, musical instruments, and much more.


Running short on cash? We can help you out! You can trust our locally owned and operated shop for fair prices whether you're buying, selling, or trading. Visit Stretch A Buck Jewelry & Sales in Saginaw, MI for quality products at reasonable prices, plus the best service in the area. Contact us today!

Enhance your entertainment experience with high quality electronics

  • Flat screen TVs

  • Speakers/Amplifiers

  • Air conditioner units

  • Small appliances

  • DVD players/DVD disks

  • Electric guitars/Acoustic guitars

Increase your work efficiency with a faster computer or laptop for less

Is your computer slowing you down? Quickly get up-to-speed with a reliable computer or laptop at a price that fits your budget. Get a lighting fast PC or laptop that will deliver the performance you need to get work done faster. Shop our large inventory of quality new and used electronics at reasonable prices.

Discover a large selection of the latest electronics

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